Market consultation Solar Highways noise barrier

Rijkswaterstaat (the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management) is organising a market consultation on the placement of a Solar Highways noise barrier. By running this market consultation, Rijkswaterstaat wishes to gather information and advice from market participants.


Rijkswaterstaat hopes to obtain insight into the following matters from the consultation:

  • the preconditions under which the project can be successfully tendered and carried out
  • the experience of market participants with the type of scope of the project
  • the interest of the qualified market participants in realising the project.
  • the feasibility of the current plan
  • the feasibility of the functional requirements and the use of meaningful EMVI criteria.


Would you like to take part in the market consultation? Please also take a look here for more information or sign up at TenderNed (search for case number 31117207). You will find the market consultation document containing the plan, background information and a number of questions. Participation in the market consultation is obligation-free.


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