Solar Highways generates first green power

Solar Highways is ready. The innovative solar noise barrier has been connected to the grid since Thursday 6 December, and the first green power has been generated.

The last of the 136 soundproof solar panels was hung and fitted last November and now the work to connect Solar Highways to the electricity grid has also been completed.

Now that Solar Highways is generating green power and is connected to the grid, the energy output of the solar noise barriers will be accurately measured for 18 months. The results will be used to estimate the maintenance needs, energy performance and financial returns of possible future solar noise barriers.

Exploitation of green power
Rijkswaterstaat wants residents behind the barrier to be able to purchase the green electricity. To achieve this, Rijkswaterstaat is co-operating with the Dutch Central Government Real Estate Agency (RVB), which officially owns the solar barrier. For the time being, the green electricity will be supplied to the grid and the revenue from the energy will de deducted from Rijkswaterstaat's electricity bill.


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